Roger Jianxin Jiao


Associate Professor

The Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology




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Engineering design and product development

- Design theory & methodology, Product family and product platform, Product portfolio strategy planning, Product innovation management, Product lifecycle management, Affective design and human-machine interface

Enterprise engineering and industrial systems

- Manufacturing systems analysis and design, Enterprise modeling & PDM, Operations and production management, System modeling and simulation, Sales/Marketing manufacturing interface, Global manufacturing management

Supply chain management and engineering logistics

- Supply chain configuration, Supply-demand chain management, Coordinated product, process, and logistics decision making, RFID applications in logistics

Engineering management

- Project management, Innovation and technology management, Engineering economics with focus on real options, Customer satisfaction and requirement engineering, Service engineering

Information systems

- AI in design and manufacturing, Industrial applications of e-commerce, e-design and e-manufacturing and e-logistics, Manufacturing and management information systems, Ambient intelligence for healthcare applications

Computer-Aided Engineering and Design Research Group

Systems Realization Lab

Enterprise Systems Engineering Lab

Design Economics for Product Platform Flexibility Planning (DEco)

Affective-Cognitive Design for Product-Service Ecosystems (ACD)

Design and Operation of Reconfigurable Production Systems (RPS)






Professional Service



Ahmed I. Basha (Ph.D, Current)

Dazhong Wu (Ph.D, Current)

Feng Zhou (Ph.D, Current)

John E Jacobsen (Undergraduate Research, Spring 2011)

Joe Nierenhausen (Undergraduate Research, Spring 2011)

Xiaoming Hu (Ph.D Exchange Student from HIT Shenzhen Graduate School, China, 2010-2011)

Wenlei Zhang (Visiting Scholar, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University, China, 2011)

Qing Chen (M.S., 2011)

Jessica Meyers (Undergraduate Research, Fall 2010)

Patrick Lizana (Undergraduate Research, Spring, Summer, Fall, 2010)

Joshua Ferroni (Undergraduate Research, Summer 2010)

Lane Carasik (Undergraduate Research, Summer 2010)

Molly Sousa (Undergraduate Research, Summer 2010)

Deborah Bryant (Undergraduate Research, Spring 2010, Co-advising with Dirk Schaefer)

George Dawood (Undergraduate Research, Summer, 2009)

Hector Olguin (Undergraduate Research, Summer, 2009)

Jefferey Mitchell (Undergraduate Research, Summer, 2009)

Justin Brown (Undergraduate Research, Summer, 2009)

Yohanes Kristianto Nugroho (Visiting Scholar, Postdoc Fellow, University of Vaasa, Finland, Fall 2010)

Diyar Akay (Visiting Scholar, Assistant Professor, Gazi University, Turkey, Summer 2010)

XU Qianli (NTU, Singapore, Postdoc Research Fellow, 2007-2008)

DU Jun (NTU, Singapore, Postdoc Research Fellow, 2007-2008)

JIE Hui (NTU, Singapore, Postdoc Research Fellow, 2001-2002)

ZHOU Feng (NTU, Singapore, Ph.D Student, 2007-2008)

OU Yangjing (NTU, Singapore, Ph.D Student, 2008)

CHEN Xingyu (NTU, Singapore, Ph.D Student, 2008)

Zhiqiang LUO (NTU, Singapore, Ph.D, 2008, Co-advising with Henry Duh)

Rosemary R. SEVA (NTU, Singapore, Ph.D, 2008, Co-advising with Henry Duh)

Xiao YOU (NTU, Singapore, Ph.D, 2007)

Vicky Ching Moi LIM (NTU, Singapore, Ph.D, 2007)

Yiyang ZHANG (NTU, Singapore, Ph.D, 2006)

Lianfeng (Linda) ZHANG (NTU, Singapore, Ph.D, 2006)

Ngai Kheong NG (NTU, Singapore, Ph.D, 2003)

Christian Fabry (NTU, Singapore, DipEng Exchange Student from Technical University Munich, Germany, Fall 2008)

WU Du (NTU, Singapore, Ph.D Exchange Student from Tianjin University, China, Jan-Dec, 2007)

LI Qun, Elisabeth (NTU, Singapore, M.Eng. Student, 2007-2008, Co-advising with Arun Kumar)

HU Jinpeng, Gery (NTU, Singapore, M.Eng. Student, 2007-2008)

LIM Yi (NTU, Singapore, M.Eng., 2008)

CHUA Chee Poh (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2008)

YANG Liu (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2007)

SUN Qinghua (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2007)  

Ingrid ANG (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2007)

Ganesan Pugazhendhi (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2007)

CAO Chen (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2007)

V.S. Srinivasan (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2007)

Thiam Teck (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2007)     

Rengaiyan Paramasivam (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2006)          

TAN See Hui (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2006)   

LEI Jinwen (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2006)                  

YOU Qi (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2006)          

Ashwin Ravi ITTOO (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2005)

ZHANG Lin Dong (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2005)       

YANG Yanmei (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2005)

WU Huang Ming (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2005)

Srinivasan Venkatesh (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2005)

CHUA Yong Chin (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2005)

AUNG Naing Pe (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2005)

Ainapur Adarsh Arun (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2005)

LIM Sok Hoon, Penny (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

Kannan Prasanna (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

Jayanta Das (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

ZHU Xiaowu (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

WANG Jue (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

TEO Wee Kian (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

LI Ping (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

CHEW Poh Lai (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

LEE Chee Guan, Alan (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

YAO Jianghan, Rico (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

HUANG Wei (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

SUN Qing Wen (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2004)

Ramanathan Velmurugan (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2003)

SIA Geok Lin, Edwin (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2003)

ZHANG Lei (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2003)

WANG Yi (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2003)

LI Xiaodong (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2003)

ZHOU Liang (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2002)

CHEN Yu (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2002)

Akson Jazuli (NTU, Singapore, M.Sc., 2002)

Wilfried Martin (NTU, Singapore, BEng Exchange Student from France, 2000-2001)

Etienne de Galbert (NTU, Singapore, BEng Exchange Student from France, 2001)

Damien de Quillacq (NTU, Singapore, BEng Exchange Student from France, 2001)

Pierre-Yves Mabit (NTU, Singapore, BEng Exchange Student from France, 2001



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