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Suresh K. Sitaraman, Ph.D

George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering
813 Ferst Drive, MARC Building, Room 471
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0405

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ju Xu ,PhD, Ircset-Marie Curie Research Fellow. (University College Cork, Ireland)
Nanowire Z axis interconnect
January 2011– 2012

Past Post-Doctoral Fellows

Raghuram Pucha, Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Science)

Yeong Kim , Ph.D. (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne)
ChipSeal Studies
October 2002– 2003

Zhao Hui Shan , Ph.D. (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Nanoindentation Studies and Material Characterization
January 2001 – 2003

Vish Sundararaman, Ph.D. (Syracuse University)
MCM-D and VSPA Studies
April 1997 – March 1999
Employed at Texas Instruments

Hurang Hu, Ph.D. (Syracuse University)
NIST Microspring Studies
April 1999 – Sep. 2000
Employed as Asst. Professor at Clark Atlanta University

Visiting Scholars and Students

Ye Tian
Visiting Student from School of Material Science
Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology, China
Fall 2010 - Fall 2012

Visited Scholars and Students

Suman Addya
Visiting Electrical Engineer BS'08
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Summer 2010

John Pang, Ph.D.
Visiting Scholar from the School of Mechanical and Production Engineering
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Summer and Fall 1997

Rudolf Krondorfer
Visiting Ph.D. student from Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Fall 2001 and Spring 2002

Ph.D. Students


no picJamie Ahmad
Multi-Component Board Assembly Reliability


no picKevin Klein
Stress-Engineered Springs


no picXi Liu resume
Reliability analysis of 3D Integrated Package with Through-Silicon Vias (TSV) 


no picNicholas Ginga
Interface Characterization for Advanced Micro-Systems Applications


no picRaphael Okereke resume
Compliant Interconnect



no picGregory Ostrowicki
Thin film Interfacal Characterization


no picSathyanarayanan Raghavan resume
Ultra Low K Dielectric Cracking



nopicChristine Taylor resume
Stress Sensors
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, 2008-2011

Presidential Fellowship, 2008-2013
FACES Fellowship 2008-2011

Casey Woodrum
Thermoelectric coolers


Masters Students

Anirudh Bhat nopic
Compliant Interconnect Behavior

Justin Chowno pic
Lead-free solders


Danny Kang resume
Cohesive Zone Modeling


Joel Toussaint

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Taylor Breault
Solar Applications/
Thin film Interfacal Characterization

Graduated Ph.D. Students

Krishna Tunga
Thermo-mechanical modeling of BGA packages, laser moire interferometry and lead-free solder microstructure evolution


Employed at IBM*


Jiantao Zheng
Process Dependent Interface Characterization for Advanced Micro-Systems Applications

Employed at IBM*

Karan Kacker
Lead-free solders and G-helix interconnects

Employed at Microsoft Corporation*


Injoong Kim
Computer-aided electronic system design for reliability

Employed at LG Electronics* 



Shashikant Hegde
Thermo-Mechanical Modeling and Reliability of High-Speed Optoelectronic Packaging

Employed at Apple Inc.*

Sakerthraman Mahalingam
Reliability of Flipchip Package with Nano-filled Underfilled Material

Employed at General Electric* 

Andrew Perkins
High And Low Cycle Fatigue Failure Of Solder Joints
SMTA Hutchins Grant, 2003
SMTA Atlanta Scholarship, 2002-2004
Georgia Tech ME Presidential Fellowship, 2000-2004
NSF Honorable Mention, 2001
Employed at Micron Technologies*

Mitul Modi
Interfacial Behavior for Micro-Contact Springs for High-Density Packaging

Presidential Fellowship, 1999-2003
Employed at Intel Corporation*


Angela Qi Zhu
Design, Fabrication and Thermo-mechanical Reliability of compliant interconnects for High I/O density Packaging

Sigma Xi Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award, Qi Zhu, 2003
Employed at Applied Materials Corporation*


Dennis Lunyu Ma
Design and Thermo-Mechanical Study of Micro-Contact Springs for Probing and High I/O Density Packaging

2003 (co-advisor: Dr. R. Fulton)
Employed at Form Factor*


Stelios Michaelides
Physics-Based Process Modeling, Reliability Prediction and Design Guidelines for Flip-Chip Devices
Onassis Foundation Scholarship, 1997-1999
Leventis Foundation Scholarship, 1995-1997

Rajiv Dunne
An Integrated process Modeling Methodology and Module for Sequential Multilayered High-Density Substrate Fabrication for Microelectronic Packages
Outstanding Poster Award (Graduate/ART) - Second Place - Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of SLIM - IAB/NSF Site Visit, Oct. 1997
Employed at Texas Instrument

Weidong Xie
Thermo-Mechanical Evaluation of Interfacial Integrity in Multilayered Microelectronic Packages

Employed at Agere Systems*

Graduated Masters Students

Seke Godo
Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Flip-Chip Packages in Harsh Environments



Thomas Sokol
G-helix interconnects



Luke Mcclasin
Package Warpage Caculation

Marc Griswold
Thermo-mechanical Parametric Modeling and Reliability Studies for Lead Free Flip Chip Packages
Employed at Elan Motosport Technologies


Manoj Damani
Physics-Based Reliability Assessment of Embedded Passives
Employed at Qualcomm


Kang Joon (KJ) Lee
Fabrication and Reliability of Embedded Passives
Employed at Intel


George Lo
Electroplated Compliant High-Density Interconnects for Next-Generation Microelectronic Packaging
Employed at General Electric Corporation*


Francis Classe
Asymmetric Thermal Profiles: A Different Approach to Accelerated Qualification of Chip Scale Packages
Employed at Spansion*



Uramela Suljozovik

Employed at Intel Corporation


Gnyaneshwar Ramakrishna
Physics-based Modeling Methodology for Reliability of Microvias
Employed at Cisco Corporation


James Pyland
Damage Metric Based-Thermal Cycling Guidelines For Area-Array Packages Used In Harsh Thermal Conditions
IMAPS Educational Foundation Scholarship
Employed at Cameron Corporation


Hernan Mercado-Corujo
Study of the Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of a Plated-
Through-Hole / Press-Pin Assembly
Employed at Eaton Corporation

Mudasir Ahmad
Structural Thermal-Electric Modeling and Analysis of Micro-Springs for Microelectronic Probing and Packaging Applications
Employed at Cisco Systems

Rajiv Raghunathan
Virtual Qualification Methodology for Next-Generation Area-
Array Devices
Employed at Siebel Corporation

Joe Haemer
Thermo-Mechanical Modeling and Design of Micro-springs
for Microelectronic Probing and Packaging
IMAPS Educational Foundation Scholarship, 1999-2000
Employed at Nanonexus, Inc.

Manjula Surendran Variyam
Palletization and Design-of-Simulations for Large Area Processing and Assembly in Electronic Packaging
Employed at Texas Instruments


Carlton Hanna
Study of Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Area-Array Packages
Employed at Intel Corp.


Richard Harries
Process Modeling and Interfacial Delamination in a Peripheral Array Package
Employed at Failure Analysis Associates

Jill Conley
Hygro-Thermo Mechanical Behavior of Fiber-Optic Apparatus
Employed at DuPont 


Kyle Smith
Thermo-Mechanical Behavior and Reliability of High-Density Interconnect (HDI) Vias
Employed at Boeing


Sean Murphy
Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of the VSPA Package Solder
NSF Honorable Mention
Employed at Hewlett-Packard

Jorg Sizemore
Elastic-Plastic Modeling of PTH under Solder Shock Test
Employed at Pratt-Whitney

BSME Research Topics Students

Sidharth Shah
Failure analysis of plastic ball grid array package
ME 4901, Special Problems
Fall 2007

Kevin Klein
Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Microelectronic Packages and Probes
ME 4901, Special Problems
Spring 2000

Raphael de Cardenas
Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of Quad-Flat Packs
ME 4901 Special Problems
Summer 1997

Caliph Johnson
Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Vias
ME 4901 Special Problems
Winter 1997

Brian O’Hara
Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Flip-Chip Assembly
ME 4901 Special Problems
Winter 1997

Jill Conley
Elastic-Plastic Modeling of Plated-Through Holes in Solder Shock Test
ME 4901 Special Problems
Sigma Xi Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research
Winter 1996

Marcial Machado
Virtual Reality and its Applications in the Design and Manufacturing Process
ME4901 Special Problems
Spring 1995

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Rob Lee
Compliant Interconnects

KJ Lee
Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Plated-Through-Hole/Press-Pin Assemby

Andrew Perkins
Thermo-Mechanical Modeling and Experiments for Microelectronic Packaging Reliability

Meera Srinivasan
CASPaR Development

Jason Tsai
Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Flip-Chips with Solder Voids

Mark Lawson
CASPaR Development

Caliph Johnson
Process Modeling and Thermal Cycling of Vias
Outstanding Poster Award (Undergraduate) - First Place - Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Vias - C. Johnson - IAB/NSF Site Visit, Oct. 1997

Anthony Belvin, GT SUPREEM Scholar
A Comparison of Substrate Materials in Printed Wiring Boards

* last known employer